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SBH Partners


We are privileged to have the following partners to further nurture Sunflower Baby House’s young sprouts!

1 GIM Sports International offers gymnastics, fitness and sports camp programmes for children, adults and organizations within Singapore. Services provided by GIM Sports are aimed at promoting a philosophy of healthy living through exercise and physical activity. Programmes are organized to give children and adults a safe and conducive environment to learn and refine skills under the close supervision of qualified and experienced trainers.

2 Positive Focus was founded on the philosophy that a child’s development must be balanced and well rounded. We believe in equal development of the child’s mind, body, behaviour and emotional quotient. Our programmes integrates 3 major proven methodologies, mainly Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Music & Movement, and basic Yoga aimed specifically at the younger children.

3 FitKidz is a brand new multi-sports & fitness programme that uses creative, fun and interactive methodology in developing a wide range of fundamental loco-motor skills in children. On top of that, it also introduces the various skills needed in internationally popular ball sports such as soccer, rugby, hockey, etc.

4 Our Music Classroom believes that the learning process for children must be fun, experimental, age-appropriate & holistic. OMC uses an original, locally-developed approach called SONG S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-S. Music & Movement, the OMC way, helps children explore songs, chants & rhythms like no other.


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